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Front-End Collection Agency Services

Harvest employs multiple collection agency partners across the nation, all of which have differing strengths with various ages and types of debt, including credit card, consumer loan, auto deficiency, commercial and healthcare. Our partner agencies are carefully selected and rigorously tested through our disciplined management model. Documented standards and expectations are measured daily for each partner agency in order to guarantee the best returns in the quickest and most compliant manner. Harvest partners expertly handle all ages of accounts receivable, from charge off up to and including out of statute receivables.

Pre-Legal Collection Services

Harvest’s pre-legal collection partners are utilized in order to reduce the costs and increase the net recovery rate associated with a legal collection strategy. Once a population of accounts has been qualified for a legal collection strategy, accounts can be first placed with Harvest’s pre-legal collection partners for a pre-legal talk off, allowing customers a final opportunity to resolve a debt prior to the account being placed with a local attorney for litigation.

Legal Collection Services

Harvest manages a nationwide network of the leading collection law firms in the United States. All Harvest attorneys are members of the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) and have been in practice an average of 31 years. Network attorneys work under a detailed set of account management guidelines and work standards in order to manage costs, ensure consistency in handling, adhere strictly to predetermined work plans, quickly move accounts through the legal collection process, and increase net recoveries to the greatest extent possible with zero-defect compliance. Additional legal services include auto replevin and dormant judgment recovery programs.

Complete Vendor Management Services

Harvest offers outsourced collection agency vendor management services, and can manage your existing agency network or our proven roster of partners. Benefit from our years of experience in delivering superior recoveries, enhanced oversight and compliance, procurement and contract management, detailed reporting as well as day to day account-level handling. Why not leave the management of your agencies to the outsourcing professionals?

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